Rental Cars – Making the Right Car Checks

When getting yourself a rental car, it’s important that you take the time to conduct a car check. More than anything, you want to ensure your trip is as stress-free as possible. Follow these simple tips to avoid worries further down the line!

Look Over the Rental Car

Take the time to look the car over outside and inside. Rental cars must always be examined closely for possible damage. If the car you need to look at is in a space that is dark or indoors, simply use your phone torch for better light. The consideration and time is well worth it.

If you find any damage, ask the rental car company to mark it on your paperwork. Be sure to take pictures of any damage you come across before taking the car. Your car check should include scratches, dents, and chips on the outside. On the inside look for tears and stains in the seats or burn marks around the interior.

Hyundai i10

Always examine your rental car carefully before signing any paperwork. Look for signs of damage as well as wear around the vehicle.

Car Check – Fuel Type

Make sure you know what type of fuel the car needs to function! Your car checks should include inquiry into what fuel type the vehicle uses. Petrol cars will usually have the appropriate label inside the petrol cap. Diesels will have the same.

Still not sure which fuel your rental car uses? Ask the agent. They will have extensive knowledge of their stock, and should be able to tell you. Look for this label on the inside of the fuel cap if you’re still uncertain.

Car Checks – Fuel Amount

Rental cars are generally provided to you on a “full-to-full” basis. “Full-to-full” means that they provide you with a full tank and you return the car with a full tank.

Before you head off, one of your essential car checks is ensuring you have a full tank. Turn the key in the ignition to check that the tank is full. While you’re there, make sure the headlights are working!

Car interior radio

After all the most important checks, look at the radio. Get your favourite station ready for listening during your journey!

Mapping the Journey

If the car has built-in GPS, it’s worth giving a quick look to ensure it’s properly set up. Make sure the language preset is set to your preference. Do the same for the measurement units. This is a minor car check but also a simple one.

If the car doesn’t have a GPS your smartphone surely does. And, in case you didn’t know, you don’t need a constant internet connection for it to work. Simply drive your rental car using maps downloaded from a wi-fi zone.

Some Minor Adjustments

You’ve selected from your rental cars, made all the car checks, now you’re ready to go! Is everyone safely buckled in? Good. Now, take a minute to make minor adjustments inside the vehicle:

  • Adjust the mirrors for good visibility.
  • Move the seat to your liking.
  • Ensure you know where the reverse gear is.
  • Check where the car’s indicators are.
  • Adjust the air con to your preference.
  • Find the radio station that suits you.

All done? Great! Now it’s time to…

Hit the Road

Take your time when driving you rental car. You might be on roads you’re not used to, so take your time and don’t hurry! If you’re visiting from overseas, make sure you’re driving on the right side of the road!

Take Note of Petrol Stations

When heading off, take note of any petrol stations on the return route. It’s not necessarily a car check but it will still help you avoid last minute stress about filling up the car before returning it.

Final Notes

Right, you’re sorted. You’ve done your car checks, planned out the route and made adjustments to the car. All that’s left is to enjoy your trip!

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