Essential Car Rental Tips for First Timers

At Avo Car Rentals, we know a few things when it comes to car hire. To rent a car can be a frustrating and sometimes difficult affair. And, if you don’t know what to look for, you could end up with high rental car rates. Or, you may end up with even more issues. Here, we’ve assembled a list of tips to avoid stress and unnecessary costs on your end.

Avoid Surcharges on Rental Car Rates

Many airport car hire companies will charge you a premium for certain services. Eg, they may charge for picking your car up just before your flight arrives. If you can afford this addition to your rental car rates, then the convenience may be worth it.

Oftentimes, though, it isn’t worth it. This is where one of our best car rental tips come in. Instead of airport rentals, rent a car from a company located further away from the airport. They often offer lower rates! Weigh your options to find what works for you.

A company might offer preferable rates on car rental. But, the insurance costs might be a different matter entirely. Be sure to check prices and documentation carefully!

Rent a Car without Extra Insurance

This is one of the best car rental tips for saving you some extra money. Many companies will try to sell you pricier, more extravagant insurance plans. In reality, you most likely won’t need more than the basic package!

This will come down to your personal preference, but keep your budget it mind. When you rent a car, don’t feel pressured by the salesmen to take more than you need. Simply decline their offer, and they probably won’t press you any further.

Do Your Homework on Car Hire

It will serve you well to do some online research on rental car rates and other essentials. Look for price comparison websites, or visit individual sites to get an idea of what you will pay. You may end up with an excellent deal on car hire!

Also take note: Pay close attention to terms and conditions. Double and triple check for any hidden costs that may apply when you rent a car from a specific company. This is one of those car rental tips that will save you from a heart attack further down the line!

Car with cruise liner in background

Avoid any unecessary costs for your rental car. Fill it up before you return it!

Fill Up on Petrol Yourself

When it comes to car hire, fill up the car before returning it, if possible. It may seem convenient that the rental company will fill it up for you at the drop-off, and it sometimes is. But, be aware that you will likely pay for that later.

On top of your regular rental car rates, companies usually charge a premium to refill their own cars. If you received the car with a full tank, take the time to refill it on the day you return it. Save yourself a future heart attack.

Only Use One Driver

Many companies charge extra rates if you assign a second driver when you rent a car. If you don’t plan on driving long distance, then this is probably unnecessary! Note: Some rental car rates do cover the cost of an extra driver.

At Avo Car Rental, we seek to offer you useful car rental tips. We also offer reliable and honest car hire services. Contact Us to Find Out More!